Monday, May 05, 2008


This is the back yard of Madame x's house.... behind the climbing roses sits the backyard of the wild and crazy barking dingo dogs. The very dogs that Mx had to call the animal regulation department about THREE times in order for something to be done. On the side, is the backyard of the wind chimes. The four wind chimes that jingle jangle all thru the night to lull our company to slumberland in the wee hours of the morning. On the opposite side of the yard is a street. A street that interesting, provocative, alarming and jaw dropping things take place, also in the wee hours of the morning.

Well, guess what....

Last week the wind chimes were removed...poof...gone...and not at the request of anyone in Madame x's household. Then..... yesterday, the biggest U-Haul truck on the face of the earth, loaded up the back neighbors and by evening the place was vacated. Dogs....Furniture.....People.....poof.......GONE....

Life is good

Today is Cinco de Mayo.
The grandparents of Mx were married on this day
eighty five years ago in a little coal mining town in Colorado
which no longer exists.
They were fine hard working people.
This photo was taken in Sept of 1964,
they were putting Mx on a plane headed to college.

People used to dress up (to fly)
Some day Mx will relate
the tale of that harrowing
flight experience


Grandma J said...

I remember dressing up to fly too. The seats were wider and you got a meal. Your grandparents got dressed up to see you off!! How sweet.
Wind chimes are the "thing" around here. My neighbor has a really loud one, and one of the very things that got us off on the wrong foot was me returning the wind chime from my patio that she put there. When I go for my walk in the evening almost everyone in this looney bin has wind chimes. Some people have several. I hate them.
Enjoy your piece and quite while it lasts.
And Thank you for purchasing such a huge glass of lemonade from my grandson Pooper!

madame x said...

Hi grandma j...I agree wind chimes: axis of evil accoutrements

I hope Pooper gets lots of donations and a new nickname:)

Chellie said...

Have you been having the best sleep ever?

That is too funny about dressing up to fly! You have some great pictures!

pink fluff and stuff said...

This is funny. One NICE-sounding wind chime on a lightly breezy afternoon is nice... four is never nice...
I kind of like those wood/bamboo ones; they sounds pretty.

Your yard is so beautiful, like a fairytale or a place for Alice (in Wonderland) to play croquet!

madame x said...

Hi Dani.... Thanks for the compliment on the yard... I'll pass it on to the husband.

The little grandsons love to run and run and run on that lawn. That is when we get our revenge on the neigbors. Cause when they run...they scream! :0