Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wife Goes On

Yesterday Madame x got a long overdue pedicure... as she sat in a giant vibrating chair, her feet immersed in warm swirling water,she looked at the bottle of nail polish clutched in her hand and noticed the color she selected was called:

---- 'wife goes on' -----

she then drifted off to the land of idle thoughts,

Once upon another lifetime, Madame x married a handsome

young dashing charmer who happened to be a Lt. in the United States Navy. He took her away to a town full of strangers...

Madame x tried to stay busy

t.v and painting pretty pictures and
baking cookies and ironing big ole' man sized shirts

Every night when the handsome and charming young Lt. arrived home....Madame x was full of news and conversation and idle chat chat chat

The Handsome (and weary) Lt just wanted to sit in his easy chair and make the day go away

the young bride eager to share her every waking moment of her day followed him around the apartment with her constant chatter and relentless banter .... even into the bed.

One night as she was yada yada blah blahing away.... The handsome and weary Lt gently put his hand on hers and said ....Wait.!..as if he heard something (other than her)....

Mx waited
Then waited some more
Then heard a small noise that slowly grew louder.... she turned

and saw the profile of her husband gently snoring .

end of reverie

Wednesday Review.... a video

There will be Blood

A real head scratcher for Madame x-----not a video she would have purchased for herself. Yet, found it strangely thought provoking.

Madame x recommends this movie if you are in a dark mood....

the lack of opening dialogue----the symbolism and the parallels between blood and oil.

the beautifully austere costume and scenery ----

the Main Character-----a person who rejects truth, meaning, value, and the possibility of goodness in his own son and those around him, overwhelmed with greed for domination in his quest for oil.

The secondary character------a malicious preacher, in a power struggle with the main character, a struggle he will never win.

The movie is fraught with violence, fear, poverty and non redemption-----it leaves the viewer with a brutal and sadistic ending and then runs the credits to the Innocent and melodic music of Brahms Violin Concerto 3rd Movement.

Daniel Day-Lewis ------ a compelling and at times embarrassingly intense actor----truly deserving of the academy award

that was uplifting....wasn't it

Monday, May 26, 2008

We remember.......

1964.... Madame x lived in the oldest dorm on campus.... A solid ivy covered brick fortress filled with three floors of young women. There for a brief few years of her life, Madame x met and bonded with 23 women known as the "3rd floor sisterhood". This is where she met Sandy, an upper class mate, so full of energy and fun and Mischief she often made Madame x tired.... Sandy had an equally fun boyfriend named Charlie. Sandy and Charlie were the 'perfect couple'..... beautiful and privledged and open and generous and 'unprotected'. Soon Charlie's grades failed as well as his condoms. Madame x was not able to attend Charlie and Sandy's wedding but heard it was a raucous affair (indeed) lasting almost four days. Charlie was drafted four months before the now infamous tet offensive and landed in Vietnam at just about the worst time in the history of the war. Charlie was killed three weeks after his baby boy was born.

Madame x did not hear of Charlie's death for another six months....the news came in a note from Sandy's mother (responding to Madame x's own wedding invitation).
Madame x was struck by a story she heard years later during a little mini renunion of 'the 3rd floor sisterhood'.
"During Charlie's funeral service when the flag was removed from the casket by the military color guard, it was folded and given to Sandy, holding her infant son.... She held tight to the flag for a few moments clutching it to her breast. Then turned and gave the flag to Charlie's mother."
How could a young mother, so torn in her own grief, know how much that gesture would mean to her husband's mother. An amazing act of generosity and empathy. It is an exhausting story to tell because of the stark cognitive emotion for Mx. Ten years ago, on a business/pleasure trip to New York it was decided(on the spur of the moment) to take a side trip to Washington D.C. to the Vietnam Memorial..... to look up Charlie. He was there....in what seemed like the very middle of names etched in miles of wall. It was a gut wrenching experience.

Here is the disturbing part.... Right now, today, this minute, Madame x cannot recall Charlie's last name.

This is how we begin to forget......if we don't memorialize.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Who gets the next Bloggy award?

Drum Roll please

for being so darn nice....


because you care

because you lets the bunnies munch your flowers

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What She said

go here askgrandma J*
tell her Madame x sent you
tell her Madame x sez "ah shucks"
tell her Madame x also sez "thanks and back at cha"
cause when you're hot.... you're hot

get your two cents worth

If you are Delusional, psychotic, neurotic, psychopathic or confused...
Grandma J can only do so much,

The 1st ever Foolery Bloggywood awards

This is Foolery .....she started it...

Madame x will be naming more awards as soon as she climbs out of the tar pit

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Windmill tilting

When is it time to stop all the medical intervention and just love and let go?

Madame x ponders these things as she watches her father's health grow worse everyday.

She realizes now, she endured all those week-end (stomach turning) airplane rides as a little girl.... because she '''''''''just wanted to be with her Dad''''''''

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wash Day

the Washer Machine...... in praise of

Once when Madame x said the dishwasher was her favorite electric device.... She realized , the very next day, while gathering up a weeks worth of clothes from her hamper aka: the closet floor .... she might have been mistaken.

She further realized she has come a long way from her ancestors (The Coggins clan). Those hardy folk, who climbed from straw pallets on a misty Scot morn, walk down to the lochs edge, pee, then washa washa washa soiled garments. Nor does she have to wash her clothes on Monday as the hardy pioneer women did, so that they may all be dry by Sunday for church or mumbly peg.

Mx dreds Washin' sheen Day, as her baby boy called it.... or Worshing machine as her Granny called it (she of the Coggins clan) and when it came time to purchase the FINAL Washer of her life, there was research and inquiries and looking and looking and looking to find the perfect machine to make Mx's life easier. It was decided... the LG Tromm.... not for any other reason than ..... best... price from the appliance guy.

However, Mx did not get the stands for those giant machines to rest upon. Mainly because it would be another $250.00...... the dollar was already stretched to the max.

This was a mistake....

for two years Mx has been bending and kneeling and yes, once a squat that felt like both her knees popped sideways...

So yesterday when the appliance guy delivered two beautiful brand new shiny stands (for the price of less than one....) Madame x and her aching back declared

'THE WASHER!' as her favorite electric device.