Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wednesday Review.... a video

There will be Blood

A real head scratcher for Madame x-----not a video she would have purchased for herself. Yet, found it strangely thought provoking.

Madame x recommends this movie if you are in a dark mood....

the lack of opening dialogue----the symbolism and the parallels between blood and oil.

the beautifully austere costume and scenery ----

the Main Character-----a person who rejects truth, meaning, value, and the possibility of goodness in his own son and those around him, overwhelmed with greed for domination in his quest for oil.

The secondary character------a malicious preacher, in a power struggle with the main character, a struggle he will never win.

The movie is fraught with violence, fear, poverty and non redemption-----it leaves the viewer with a brutal and sadistic ending and then runs the credits to the Innocent and melodic music of Brahms Violin Concerto 3rd Movement.

Daniel Day-Lewis ------ a compelling and at times embarrassingly intense actor----truly deserving of the academy award

that was uplifting....wasn't it


foolery said...

I don't handle dark tales too well, but I have heard that this one was very good. I tend to obsess and brood and obsess some more. I'm better off with a Mary Poppins retrospective.

Grandma J said...

I still believe the boogie man lives under my bed. Madame x is a strong, brave woman.