Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wilshire Blvd

For Christmas last year Madame x received from her secret Santa (whom always turns out to be her sister-in-law....every year...... for ever and ever.......)

a 2008 calender

Not just any calender, a special made, lovingly put together complication of every goofy picture taken of Mx in her formative years. Each month more amazing than the next. This month for example... Mx on her country estate with her parents. Yes, Mx was a country kid, transported from the big city, smack into a one hundred and sixty acre (complete with barn and one 'Ayatollah the Duck'), FARM......

at the tender age of seven years old.

And so, Mx has been waxing nostalgic every time she sits at her desk and looks at that calendar. Mx's formidable and resolute Mother was set on a path to keep her daughter out of baseballs caps and overalls. Her little Mx needed to become learn-ed in the 'finer' and more genteel ways of style and fashion...... This resulted in a twice a year 'shopping' trip to "L.A." the big city. Trips to Wilshire Blvd to sit in a big room whilst hired clerks brought dresses and shoes and straw hats and (yes) try on and sort thru and purchase for the ensuing season. This was fine when Mx was uncaring of such things and could just sit and pick at the scabs on her knees and wait for 'lunch', while her mother did the hard work. But, when Mx became a teen....... That's when the trouble began. Mx wanted what the 'trendy' teens were wearing . Things Seventeen magazine proposed no teenager could live without! But Mx was no match for her mother. No new Malls were ventured into for a look at the new 'Judy's' dress shop.... No Capezio flats with cutouts.... No six layers of crinoline slips, no poodle skirts, or chiffon scarves..... It seemed none of this was offered in the stores on Wilshire Blvd.. I hated Wilshire Blvd.

In the end, Mx's (wise) Mother relented a little, but looking back at the photos....

She was right


Chellie said...

What a fun calendar!

Grandma J said...

Such a great gift. Old pictures sure do bring back memories, don't they?

madame x said...

Hi Chellie.... It is indeed a fun calendar.... I think

Hey Grandma J... thanks for stopping in... I've been on a nostalgic bend for a few weeks now. I have to link your site and give you a blurb... For all my ghost readers, maybe you can get them to come out!