Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Willard.... is that you?

We have the luxury of a cleaning lady, she signs all her notes R.G. Every other Wednesday,R.G. and her band of giggly, singing, gossiping relatives clean the 'bejeebers' out of the kitchen and bathrooms. They do a darn good job of dusting and vacuming the rest of the house as well.

Once a year R.G. cleans out the fireplaces, why she chooses winter for this chore, I just don't know. I've learned not to question anything that happens in the cleaning people department..... R.G. knows what she is doing and R.G. doesn't like questions. So, tomorrow is fireplace day and of all the fireplace days before it, and of all fireplace days to follow, there will never be one as eventful as the very first 'fireplace day'.

In those days the husband person always arrived home from work before I. Any problems or questions that arose from R.G. were handled by him. On this particular day, R.G. seemed very agitated and announced "there is a be-eeg ....(insert unintelligable word)".... in the garage vacumn holding her hands about 12 inches apart and pointing to the Black and Decker in the back yard. Her accent so thick in her excitement, he could not understand. He finally (after being dragged over to the outdoor vac)figured out... 'There was a BIG RAT! in the vac....oh scheese!.

So he got a broom with a long long handle and with the trash bin as a shield he flipped off the lid to the vac. Sending R.G. and band of no longer giggling relatives, screaming in every direction.

He waited a minute or two for the rat to scurry out... nothing happened.
He gave the vac a little tap. nothing.

So he hoisted two hundred pounds of his brave male self on the trash bin and peered into the vac from a (sort of ) safe perch. Looking up at him with two beady little eyes, covered in white ash from the fireplace. was...

So now, once a year we get this note:

Thereby putting all baby possums on notice...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wind Chimes

The husband person has been sick for about a week (plus) now... I have been sleeping in the back bedroom affectionately known as the 'upstairs playroom'.

So, I won't catch whatever it is, that is making him feel lousy causing a compulsive need to describe his every sign and symptom of the plague that has befallen him.

So, I don't have to listen to the cacophony of sounds emanating from his phlegm filled head, throat and chest.

So, that I may read until midnight without disturbing him (in his sickness).

I must insert a little aside here to say that while physically well, I have been suffering a bit of the malaise myself. The winter blahs (maybe) or that extra layer of winter fat (maybe) or the fact that I have been busier than my lazyass cares to be. Whatever the reason, I haven’t been sleeping well. Therefore, to shuffle off to my own bed, in my own room at night was not a disagreeable prospect.

And this is how I discovered my neighbors have (not one, not two, but) THREE! wind chimes in their backyard. A lovely melodic, psychotic jumble of glass and brass and steel…jingle jangling thru the night as the arctic winter breezes whirl around the neighbors yard.

In self-defense, I seek solace by watching the playroom t.v. I have now watched ten days of Dr. 90210. I think I have figured out the reason for my glum. I am growing old and there is no stopping the process. Maybe Dr. Rey can help me.

...............................and maybe I can help him with his choice of suits.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Weeda is how her name is pronounced
O.U.I.D.A is how it is spelled.
She is my mother and today is the eleven year anniversary of her death.

She died of hepatic cancer.
at home, in the middle of the night, with my father at her side.

So, this is for you Mom, I wonder how it is that you are still so vivid in my dreams.
That you come to me in the oddest places while in my dreams
such as, my closet or
the backseat of my car or
In the house we lived in forty-five years ago
and once
In the old Santa Barbara I. Magnin department store (that one, I get)

I am always perplexed and pleased that people still tell me how much I look like you, although I can’t see it

I tousle the thick wavy auburn hair of my own first grandson and I know you had something to do with that. I delight in the second grandchild with his devilish grin and
indominatible spirit and I see you... you at two and you at seventy two.

I look at your quilts and wonder at the legacy you leave. Those beautiful handstitched masterpieces. Truly superb artistry, that will last for generations to come.

I look through old photos with Dad and he lingers long on those of you and he together
I don't know what he is thinking but,
I know what I am thinking
if Mom knew this was the third day in a row
Dad has worn that same shirt...
we'd all be in trouble!

Wish you were here Mom
Wish you were here

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wiggle Room

This Christmas I got my father a 2000 piece puzzle.

His once healthy body is failing him. His brilliant, high energy, well traveled,
adventurous days are behind him. His safe harbor is his recliner and the tv clicker.
I strive to always treat him with respect and keep him fully involved in his medical
And personal care.

Sometimes I have to resort to mild trickery to get it done.

I thought a puzzle might be interesting and helpful in stimulating his brain. I thought
wrong… He is indifferent at best and insulted at worse. It is I, that is burdened
with the task of putting that beast together.

Every night as I leave his house I ask him to try at least to put a couple of puzzle pieces together. Every morning I find about five pieces (similar but not a match) stuck together.

Sometimes he has to resort to mild trickery to get it done.

Monday, January 08, 2007


This is my second best watch. Last year the battery quit and I took it to a jeweler (one that was unknown to me).

The jeweler had some trouble getting the back plate off and took it into another room. He appeared a few minutes later with my watch and handed it to me. It was running again. He motions for my arm and placed the watch on my wrist, stating:

"No charge for nice lady, maybe you come back....
buy diamonds, Yes?"

I told him I’d like to pay for the battery at least. He waved me off again saying no. I thanked him and left.

Walking to my car, I pulled my keys from a side pocket, glancing at my watch, I see, it is not attached to the little bar thingy that slides in the holder thingy. When I looked closer, to my dismay I realized it was not attached because it was broken off. So I U-turned back into the store and showed the watch to the same gentleman. To which he said:

"oops, you break. " (Oh.... really?)

To laser down the story, I will tell you....he would not, in any way, shape or form own up to breaking that watch, thereby eliminating any possibility of me buying diamonds...from him...

The watch is in my (brand new) jewelry chest, waiting for Godot.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


ptc ..... chp ...... me......

Certain gifts bring riches beyond measure. Friendship is one of these,

'Best' Friendship times two is the friendship jackpot.

Yesterday, at lunch was a reaffirmation. We gathered to meet the newest grandchild, a beloved, welcome little girl, in a combined collection of boys. A lovely, needed respite with good food and good company. It was not until the very end, after the bill had been paid (thanks P), and the mom and babe out the door (in a pink bugaboo* blur) that I just sort of blurted out a particular ‘sticky’ problem I had been facing - but actually didn’t even really want to discuss (oh yeah?...I guess I did).

You know how, you can be all together with a ‘group’ of friends and someone will say: Oh gosh, I’m having some trouble with ‘yada blah’...and then someone chimes in with “Oh Lord” that happened to me!” and another with “Good Luck with that” and then the clueless one in the group sez “ huh? What? Who? is going to jail”.... or the fake advice (and you’re thinkin, ‘like They would really b*&ch slap their mother-in-law’). This has nothing to do with my mother-in-law by the way. Sweetest women to walk the earth.

Yesterday, from two best friends, the advice came swift and strong and perfect. All wrapped in love like cellophane, tied with a bow. I left feeling better than I had in days.

A best friend is such a profound gift and having two best friends, well that just sweetens the deal.

Maybe not in each others back pocket
But always in each others heart.

Thanks, you two. I do love you so.


*bugaboo...google it (an awesome contraption)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I have forty-two years in the workforce under my belt (just two jobs in forty-two years) and this is the year I hang it up.

When I forged out into the paying labor force I was really just a young girl. Three years of college, a new husband, no children and absolutely zero ambition or direction.

I accepted a job (sort of a mercy hire) from a family friend in my hometown. He was a physician and owned the local hospital. It was a lovely and happy job, floating around to different departments, filling in where I was needed. It set the course for the rest of my life.

A child was born, a marriage failed, tragedy lurked, and through it all, my normal happy working mom’s - life, carried me along. Ten years as a good soldier, following orders, carrying out my duties. Locking the office door at five o’clock and not looking back, turning my attention to family matters.

It was moving into the management part that kicked my butt. Made me think about what I was doing and how I was doing it. There were hard lessons in dealing with people and making decisions. Long hours, juggling work and family. The money was good; the hours took their toll. It eventually all worked out and now is coming to an end.

I’d start a countdown clock, but I don’t know the actual date. Not soon enough for my replacement, too soon for my employers.

I was one of the lucky ones, I was able to stay in my hometown and raise my son. It will be strange not being a part of this workday experience…..but

I’m ready

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wide Angle Wonder

THIS.... is my christmas present from the husband person.

There are no words to describe my

First, I had no hope of ever getting this camera. I thought I was lucky receiving my fabulous little Canon SD500 two years ago.

The amazing part ....the husband... The fact is, he just never ceases to amaze me. Two weeks ago (of his own volition) he washed
all the downstairs windows, so the house would look nice for the holidays. He is clean of person, pure of heart, loyal as a Boy Scout and has no idea what a blog is. I share this, so that you (all) may know my good fortune that he is in my life.

For him,

I shall make a new years resolution to be the kind and loving and patience
and patience
and patience
wife he deserves.

so it is written