Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Willard.... is that you?

We have the luxury of a cleaning lady, she signs all her notes R.G. Every other Wednesday,R.G. and her band of giggly, singing, gossiping relatives clean the 'bejeebers' out of the kitchen and bathrooms. They do a darn good job of dusting and vacuming the rest of the house as well.

Once a year R.G. cleans out the fireplaces, why she chooses winter for this chore, I just don't know. I've learned not to question anything that happens in the cleaning people department..... R.G. knows what she is doing and R.G. doesn't like questions. So, tomorrow is fireplace day and of all the fireplace days before it, and of all fireplace days to follow, there will never be one as eventful as the very first 'fireplace day'.

In those days the husband person always arrived home from work before I. Any problems or questions that arose from R.G. were handled by him. On this particular day, R.G. seemed very agitated and announced "there is a be-eeg ....(insert unintelligable word)".... in the garage vacumn holding her hands about 12 inches apart and pointing to the Black and Decker in the back yard. Her accent so thick in her excitement, he could not understand. He finally (after being dragged over to the outdoor vac)figured out... 'There was a BIG RAT! in the vac....oh scheese!.

So he got a broom with a long long handle and with the trash bin as a shield he flipped off the lid to the vac. Sending R.G. and band of no longer giggling relatives, screaming in every direction.

He waited a minute or two for the rat to scurry out... nothing happened.
He gave the vac a little tap. nothing.

So he hoisted two hundred pounds of his brave male self on the trash bin and peered into the vac from a (sort of ) safe perch. Looking up at him with two beady little eyes, covered in white ash from the fireplace. was...

So now, once a year we get this note:

Thereby putting all baby possums on notice...

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