Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wiggle Room

This Christmas I got my father a 2000 piece puzzle.

His once healthy body is failing him. His brilliant, high energy, well traveled,
adventurous days are behind him. His safe harbor is his recliner and the tv clicker.
I strive to always treat him with respect and keep him fully involved in his medical
And personal care.

Sometimes I have to resort to mild trickery to get it done.

I thought a puzzle might be interesting and helpful in stimulating his brain. I thought
wrong… He is indifferent at best and insulted at worse. It is I, that is burdened
with the task of putting that beast together.

Every night as I leave his house I ask him to try at least to put a couple of puzzle pieces together. Every morning I find about five pieces (similar but not a match) stuck together.

Sometimes he has to resort to mild trickery to get it done.

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Hello Kitty Fanatics R Us said...

That is very hard. My parents are still very young, but it was strange and difficult to see this happen to my grandmother, too. I'm glad you live near your father!