Saturday, January 06, 2007


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Certain gifts bring riches beyond measure. Friendship is one of these,

'Best' Friendship times two is the friendship jackpot.

Yesterday, at lunch was a reaffirmation. We gathered to meet the newest grandchild, a beloved, welcome little girl, in a combined collection of boys. A lovely, needed respite with good food and good company. It was not until the very end, after the bill had been paid (thanks P), and the mom and babe out the door (in a pink bugaboo* blur) that I just sort of blurted out a particular ‘sticky’ problem I had been facing - but actually didn’t even really want to discuss (oh yeah?...I guess I did).

You know how, you can be all together with a ‘group’ of friends and someone will say: Oh gosh, I’m having some trouble with ‘yada blah’...and then someone chimes in with “Oh Lord” that happened to me!” and another with “Good Luck with that” and then the clueless one in the group sez “ huh? What? Who? is going to jail”.... or the fake advice (and you’re thinkin, ‘like They would really b*&ch slap their mother-in-law’). This has nothing to do with my mother-in-law by the way. Sweetest women to walk the earth.

Yesterday, from two best friends, the advice came swift and strong and perfect. All wrapped in love like cellophane, tied with a bow. I left feeling better than I had in days.

A best friend is such a profound gift and having two best friends, well that just sweetens the deal.

Maybe not in each others back pocket
But always in each others heart.

Thanks, you two. I do love you so.


* it (an awesome contraption)

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