Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wrighteous indignation

Dude needs to dial it back....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who knew

Trip is over... but she'd probably still take donations.
Try Here

Madame x is told (by person helping Mx wth her bloggy that she gets a fair amount of reader traffic (more than 4, less than 4000).... and very few of these..... comment on her posts. But they do send emails...

and someone felt Mx should know..... There is a much much better blogger (than Mx) out there who refers to herself in the third person. A Ms Georgia Getz ..... Mx feels obligated to explain.... She knows about Bossy and in fact sent an email of her own to this hilarious and witty and clever house painter and blogger extraordinaire... .

Mx explained to Stella's owner about how she had begun referring to herself in the third for various and sundry reasons....but alas when she followed a comment on Dan's Blog (miss you Dan, hope all is good) Mx somehow landed on This section of her blog (warning....don't go there unless you have lots of time!) and has become a fascinated reader ever since. Obviously, Bossy had long been blogging in the third....waaaaay before Mx even knew what (exactly ) a 'weblog' was. Mx then confessed her 'ahem' plagiaristic style and promised to knock it off if 'said famous person' should so desire.

Madame x did not receive a reply, therefore surmised..... Mx could keep the 'I' and 'me' out of her posts.

and that's the truth Mr.

But keep those emails coming folks

Mx loves them ................she like comments too

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wednesday Review

No Country For Old Men

  • lets just talk about the movie poster... 'cause it is about as messed up as the actual movie. They put Tommy Lee Jones name under Josh Brolin's picture and vise versa (or as some like to say vi-SA versa).

  • Then they gave the menacing assassin person front billing AND an academy award.

Seriously, how hard is it to walk around on a bad hair day throwing about threatening looks. Mothers all over the world do this daily.

  • If someone in this movie has to get the academy award... Give it to Josh Brolin for having to deal with his character being named "Llewelyn Moss'. Madame x thought they were calling him 'Lu Ellen'. Which would not be a good name.... for a destitute welder..... living in a house trailer..... in a desolated West Texas town.....being hunted down..... by a hired psychopath.

  • Mx tries very hard to pay attention while watching movies, really... Not only did she mess up on the character names, she didn't figure out until half way thru the thing.... that the era was sometime in the 1980's.. Mx just figured everyone drove around in twenty year old cars 'cause they couldn't afford a newer one. Maybe there was some subtitle clue at the very beginning about the date.. Mx didn't see it.

  • Last...they call this an "instant classic"... sorry....but, Madame x hopes not... Madame x declares 'Shrek' an instant classic..

This movie did not get a rating on this site... If you like a storyline doomed to end badly.... with graphic murder and mayhem, this beauty is for you.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

When you just need to grin

This is a public service announcement that began playing on t.v. in the early early 1960's..... so early, it might have been 1959

Madame x used to sing this song to her passengers while driving in her grandmother's hand me down 1953 Mercury sedan.... and we would all laugh like the goofballs we were.......

seat belts? Madame x didn't know anyone that had a car with seat belts.

Now Madame x has two grandsons that literally feel vulnerable and exposed if they are not harnessed into a 5 point flapping strap maze of bucket shaped molded plastic that cost $250.00.

Safety first

mx apologizes for any ear worms she might have created with that 'snappy' little tune

Friday, April 25, 2008


This is Mary

Mary is Madame x’s counterpart in the Grandmother world. She is ‘Nana’ to six beautiful grandchildren , two, of which
are also the grandchildren of Mx

Specifically……These two…

Madame x has enjoyed Mary’s adorable sense of humor….. Partaken of Mary’s fabulous gourmet meals….. Shared love and DNA with two of Mary's beautiful grandsons.

Last year while traveling, Mary suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and collapsed in a Florida airport. The ensuing year was a struggle for recovery. In the early hours of the morning on April 21st, 2008..... Mary slipped away from her earthly confines.

She is now at peace

and her peace, is her family’s peace.

Madame x wishes bad things didn’t happen to good people
Mx loved Mary

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Added to the Roll Call:

Say Hi to Chellie.... She is tucked happily away in the mid-west on a midlife female vision quest, for a new house and a new heartthrob, topped off by a pursuit of peace and purpose.

She will probably be alarmed at first that Madame x "borrowed" this photo from the The Dolphin Cove.. Madame x loves to help herself to pictures on the net.... Oh wait... here is another!!! So very adorable .....enough to make Tom Cruise jump up and down on the sofa....

If you want to see her with a Celebrity... (hummmm... sorta)
You have to go look for yourself
(try here)


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Got an email nudge from a friend.... to POST SOMETHING already....

So.... go see her at WABI-SABI

  • find out what the heck 'Wabi-Sabi' means

  • find out what happened to the big SINKHOLE in her front yard

  • find out how she has the time to be such a great mother and still be artsy and crafty

  • take a lesson from her 'joy' in life and nature... No. Matter. What. (obstacles are thrown her way).

  • Listens to some music.......which seems to be stuck on Nat King Cole....but that's cool, in a non-Bon-Jovi sorta way

In the meantime.... I'll start posting again...... when I think of something fabulous to write about. Besides Wabi-Sabi...