Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who knew

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Madame x is told (by person helping Mx wth her bloggy that she gets a fair amount of reader traffic (more than 4, less than 4000).... and very few of these..... comment on her posts. But they do send emails...

and someone felt Mx should know..... There is a much much better blogger (than Mx) out there who refers to herself in the third person. A Ms Georgia Getz ..... Mx feels obligated to explain.... She knows about Bossy and in fact sent an email of her own to this hilarious and witty and clever house painter and blogger extraordinaire... .

Mx explained to Stella's owner about how she had begun referring to herself in the third for various and sundry reasons....but alas when she followed a comment on Dan's Blog (miss you Dan, hope all is good) Mx somehow landed on This section of her blog (warning....don't go there unless you have lots of time!) and has become a fascinated reader ever since. Obviously, Bossy had long been blogging in the third....waaaaay before Mx even knew what (exactly ) a 'weblog' was. Mx then confessed her 'ahem' plagiaristic style and promised to knock it off if 'said famous person' should so desire.

Madame x did not receive a reply, therefore surmised..... Mx could keep the 'I' and 'me' out of her posts.

and that's the truth Mr. fake.emailaddress@yahoo.com

But keep those emails coming folks

Mx loves them ................she like comments too


Anonymous said...

Oh don't listen to other people. Your style is your style, who cares if someone else is also doing it! Hell, half the stuff I do on my blog is stuff I stole from other people!! :)


Although, of the blogs *I* read, I think my series posts are fairly unique.

madame x said...

not only is your blog unique it is also fascinating..

keep it up :)

foolery said...

Hi Madame X,

This seemed like as good a place as any to comment . . . thanks for leaving me a comment today, and I'm glad my Asshattery spoke to you. Sorry to hear there was one of those in Madame's past, but I suppose there are always several lurking, just waiting to bloom.

I've bookmarked you and I'll be back -- hope you stop by again!

Laurie @ Foolery

p.s. I guess we could nitpick and say we're ALL copying old man Gutenberg (not Steve), but there's so little time . . . you work the third person very well. :)