Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Westin’s Wild Women…

Every year for the past fifteen years
‘We, the girlfriends’
take a shopping trip to San Francisco the first week in December. We have had some pretty mind blowing, money spending, alcohol drinking, late night partying times. It really sort of kicks off the holiday season for us……

This year we stayed at the St. Francis Westin, the highlight of which was not the musty old room (no complaints, as it looked directly on Union Square), but rather the new Michael Mina restaurant. It is an experience…. Here is a quote from some cuisine magazine

Seasonal selections highlight a fresh primary ingredient paired with a trio of accompaniments; each of the three presentations offers a distinct taste sensation. The essence of a dish is found in the interplay of comparing and contrasting ingredients and techniques. Michael Mina personally designed stunning Royal Doulton china for the restaurant - an integral dimension to showcase his original food concepts.

Let me just say… If you were expecting to have the famous high tea in ‘The Compass Rose tea room’, it… ain’t….there….. no…. mo’…..
This year none of us made it into Macy's... Sort of a disappointment, because our favorite thing to do is ring up each other on our cell's and yell "I'm in Macy's... and I can't find the way out....." Those of you who have tried to find an exit at Macy's know from which I speak. Even when you manage to find an exit, once out, it requires five minutes of total concentration and a magellan GPS to figure out which street you are on and which way to Gump's or Nordstrom's.... Speaking of Nordstrom's..... Oh my, the SF Shopping Centre is going to have to drop some BIG BUCKs to catch up with the new Westfield's.... It is all.... very amazing. So much for the bad economy....
The daughter-in-laws are now joining us on this auspicious trip, and it was
Which came home laughing and giggling at 3:00a.m….. not us. They just don't know the fun, in the years ahead, those wild women.