Thursday, March 13, 2008

Women's Shelter benefit event... and one wacky committee

Madame x has been busy doing philanthropic things for her once a year philanthropic over the top benefit show for the local women's shelter.... So, try to hang in there, as the story might veer off and stray into a discourse on MULLETS... In fact let’s just get right to the mullet. As a part of this big extravaganza four day event Madame x takes herself to her trusty beautician (we'll call her Deb) for a little trim and some highlights to chase away the gray. Deb always does a fine job and even on occasion has tolerated the fact that Madame x likes to trim here and there on her own(usually a day before her regular appointment). Mx needs to back up here:

the committee has changed (drastically) from the last hundred years. Up until this year.... Mx and her
BFF have been the younger ones on the committee. But too much complaining and moaning and groaning from certain folks (certainly not Mx, have you EVER heard a complaint from MX?)

sooooo much complaining.....that

the powers that be

replaced all members (save) Mx and her BFF. The new committee, an energetic group of 'go getter' women known far and wide for their organizational skills and deft handling of tricky situations was now in charge. Mx and BFF were suddenly the oldest ..... and maybe least needed. The two vowed to stick it out for the year.

Mx met all her new committee members prior to her hair appointment..... They were a no nonsense, nose to the grind bunch with a mission! Mx knew she had to zip her (sarcastic) lip and be a good soldier too.

Back to the beauty booth with Deb.

Deb always asks Mx how she would like her hair cut and Mx always replies that she doesn't care... just keep it long enough for a ponytail. The general public has not seen Mx with a ponytail in years and years. Why does Mx want this ponytail? For those two hours in the evening, when she is in her comfys(s) with her face washed of all makeup, with the clear understanding she is no longer receiving visitors. That’s why.

This is Mx's blog pic:

Mx wasn't in the least concerned when Deb suggested (or Mx suggested) perhaps try, a little more layered aroung the top.

The next time Mx met up with the new committee, was 'set up' day. This is a pretty physical activity and takes all. day. long. Plus, three more days of set up for each show. (Something Mx mentioned to the new committee once or twice). By days end the entire group was pretty frazzled....

This is the part where you are probably wondering what this has to do with mullets.

The next night when Mx arrived for more set up, she discovered the group of organized women had come up with a plan. The plan involved.... wine! Enough wine to lower inhibitions and relax among fellow (old fogy) committee members. Enough wine for one such woman* to turn to Mx and was all:
"Dude, who gave you the mullet?"

which she hasn't been taking as diligent care as her (ahem) face.

*Mx later found out she (the mullet commenting woman) wasn't a committee person (she was an interloper) and Mx and the real committe peeps are all now BFsF..... Cause Sixty is the new Forty.... which means I'm on a committee with a bunch of teenagers.