Saturday, June 30, 2007


Back in January I read this thoughtful piece on the poet Anne Sexton and it stirred up long forgotten college memories. I'll go out on a limb here and tell you I wasn't a stellar student, and I really wasn't much interested in my literature class. I really REALLY did not like the woman professor teaching my literature class. Maybe it was that I couldn't charm her in the way I could the art teacher or the botany teacher. Maybe because she called me an ‘elitist smart ass’ and I did not know if she meant that as a noun or an adjective. She should have failed me for the final paper I turned in on this poet and this poem, the red wheelbarrow. I did not fail the class and I know why.......because she did not want me


so much
depends upon
a red wheelbarrow
glazed with
beside the
white chickens.
by William Carlos Williams

It is actually more than a poem.... it is some sort of kick ass Japanese haiku....(type poem) but not nearly as good as this..........found on the Internet

parents spent a lot
for college education
alas, no husband

had to go to the beach for that.....
I'm just sayin'

Friday, June 29, 2007

Will & Grace

I think I was channel surfing one night back in Y2K and landed on this. Wasn't having a good year... Humor eluded me. I gave it 15 minutes then moved on...

thus, it has become my new happy discovery...

Reruns on Lifetime every

week. day. night.

eleven p.m. pacific standard time

there is something so oddly endearing about each of them

that I missed seven years ago....silly me

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The door bell rang.... and mere seconds later, rang again ......twice in succession. I got the hint. Hurry up.

I can usually see my visitor through the side window next to the front door, but it didn't look as if anyone was there. Then a loud firm knock, I opened the door.

I almost didn't respond to her greeting I was so taken by the pure visual, pristine 'clean-ness' of her.

She was almost glowing in her shiny clean. Shiny blond locks pulled to the side with a shiny pink satin bow. Immaculate and perfectly pressed dress, white Maryjane's and super white socks .

She was there to charm me out of my hard earned money to sponsor her in a 'read-a-thon'. How could I resist?

I filled out a pledge card and congratulated her on all the names she had collected, then bid her farewell. Much later that same day, almost evening, the doorbell rang again....
the same little girl,
she wasn't alone.......

"Hi, this is Arthur, he's in my class and he's getting sponsors for the 'read-a-thon' too.... and he hasn't gotten ANY NAMES...not one."

and then she smiled at me and pushed Arthur and his folder forward.

That was many years ago, but I read in the paper today that she has just graduated top in her class from UC Berkeley.

I'm not surprised to see, she is still shining

What this isn't? our house....

who wants to watch their favorite programs on an intensely, clear, 54 inch picture, allowing virtually every detail to literally jump off of the screen anyway…

......certainly not us....

So we bought this instead…..…

and we got 20% off because we had a coupon ...we had three coupons in fact

but they only let us use one.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


What's the difference between a Witch and an Electron?

that was an actual question from my one and only philosophy class in college.....

There wasn't an answer

A least I hope there wasn't

*Witricity and video credited to Ray Podder's blog... some fascinating stuff there


Where are those grammer police when you need them?

My last post title had a little 'grammar error' ....ahem...

sorry girls

why didn't someone alert me...... I can't always find these things myself you know

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wile away the hours....

Today I was to take Dad to get a haircut... Dad is pretty unhappy that I don't want him to drive anymore. But, he isn't quite 'tracking' on the important stuff these days, (the way a person in control of a 1000 lb piece of machinery should be) ..... So I am driving Mr. Daisy.

Unfortunately, we both forgot that Bob the Barber no longer comes in on Fridays... So, I got a few pointed remarks about who's 'tracking' on what, thrown in my direction...
To save the day, we went to Leon's used book store and scavenged around that place

these are three books that got his Dad's attention:
This entire book is the story of how the song 'Silent Night' came to be... no really.... the entire book.. beginning, middle, end. A magazine article might be too long for this subject.

btw...I know what you're thinking, that book cover picture looks like a big head of does in real life too..

War of the Words?.... Is he looking for ways to out wit me???

Time for some diversion

Hey, Dad look at this one!

Oh.....Sorry, it's in German.....

So we ended up with a biography, a mystery and a mafia crime story..... oh, and some lunch (fully dressed)...
I actually like spending time with Dad.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whew!!!! has been awhile.... But I have some really great excuses

this is the best one


.... on this guy, my thyroid....

now,it is gone
.....kicked to the curb....tossed in the cancer crematorium

Good-bye Thyroid ...... I always suspected you were up to no good.

I wonder what will be my excuse now, for not having a body like this?
hmmmm...... oh well ...............................hi girls Saaaa.....lute!