Friday, June 22, 2007

Wile away the hours....

Today I was to take Dad to get a haircut... Dad is pretty unhappy that I don't want him to drive anymore. But, he isn't quite 'tracking' on the important stuff these days, (the way a person in control of a 1000 lb piece of machinery should be) ..... So I am driving Mr. Daisy.

Unfortunately, we both forgot that Bob the Barber no longer comes in on Fridays... So, I got a few pointed remarks about who's 'tracking' on what, thrown in my direction...
To save the day, we went to Leon's used book store and scavenged around that place

these are three books that got his Dad's attention:
This entire book is the story of how the song 'Silent Night' came to be... no really.... the entire book.. beginning, middle, end. A magazine article might be too long for this subject.

btw...I know what you're thinking, that book cover picture looks like a big head of does in real life too..

War of the Words?.... Is he looking for ways to out wit me???

Time for some diversion

Hey, Dad look at this one!

Oh.....Sorry, it's in German.....

So we ended up with a biography, a mystery and a mafia crime story..... oh, and some lunch (fully dressed)...
I actually like spending time with Dad.

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