Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The door bell rang.... and mere seconds later, rang again ......twice in succession. I got the hint. Hurry up.

I can usually see my visitor through the side window next to the front door, but it didn't look as if anyone was there. Then a loud firm knock, I opened the door.

I almost didn't respond to her greeting I was so taken by the pure visual, pristine 'clean-ness' of her.

She was almost glowing in her shiny clean. Shiny blond locks pulled to the side with a shiny pink satin bow. Immaculate and perfectly pressed dress, white Maryjane's and super white socks .

She was there to charm me out of my hard earned money to sponsor her in a 'read-a-thon'. How could I resist?

I filled out a pledge card and congratulated her on all the names she had collected, then bid her farewell. Much later that same day, almost evening, the doorbell rang again....
the same little girl,
she wasn't alone.......

"Hi, this is Arthur, he's in my class and he's getting sponsors for the 'read-a-thon' too.... and he hasn't gotten ANY NAMES...not one."

and then she smiled at me and pushed Arthur and his folder forward.

That was many years ago, but I read in the paper today that she has just graduated top in her class from UC Berkeley.

I'm not surprised to see, she is still shining

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