Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wednesday Review

No Country For Old Men

  • lets just talk about the movie poster... 'cause it is about as messed up as the actual movie. They put Tommy Lee Jones name under Josh Brolin's picture and vise versa (or as some like to say vi-SA versa).

  • Then they gave the menacing assassin person front billing AND an academy award.

Seriously, how hard is it to walk around on a bad hair day throwing about threatening looks. Mothers all over the world do this daily.

  • If someone in this movie has to get the academy award... Give it to Josh Brolin for having to deal with his character being named "Llewelyn Moss'. Madame x thought they were calling him 'Lu Ellen'. Which would not be a good name.... for a destitute welder..... living in a house trailer..... in a desolated West Texas town.....being hunted down..... by a hired psychopath.

  • Mx tries very hard to pay attention while watching movies, really... Not only did she mess up on the character names, she didn't figure out until half way thru the thing.... that the era was sometime in the 1980's.. Mx just figured everyone drove around in twenty year old cars 'cause they couldn't afford a newer one. Maybe there was some subtitle clue at the very beginning about the date.. Mx didn't see it.

  • Last...they call this an "instant classic"... sorry....but, Madame x hopes not... Madame x declares 'Shrek' an instant classic..

This movie did not get a rating on this site... If you like a storyline doomed to end badly.... with graphic murder and mayhem, this beauty is for you.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually working on the book right now. Haven't seen the movie. I have heard several mixed reviews though so I'm very curious to see what I will think. With whom I'll agree. :)


madame x said...

Hi Em... I'm glad I didn't give up the ending. I hear the movie follows the book very closely.

enjoy the book!