Monday, January 08, 2007


This is my second best watch. Last year the battery quit and I took it to a jeweler (one that was unknown to me).

The jeweler had some trouble getting the back plate off and took it into another room. He appeared a few minutes later with my watch and handed it to me. It was running again. He motions for my arm and placed the watch on my wrist, stating:

"No charge for nice lady, maybe you come back....
buy diamonds, Yes?"

I told him I’d like to pay for the battery at least. He waved me off again saying no. I thanked him and left.

Walking to my car, I pulled my keys from a side pocket, glancing at my watch, I see, it is not attached to the little bar thingy that slides in the holder thingy. When I looked closer, to my dismay I realized it was not attached because it was broken off. So I U-turned back into the store and showed the watch to the same gentleman. To which he said:

"oops, you break. " (Oh.... really?)

To laser down the story, I will tell you....he would not, in any way, shape or form own up to breaking that watch, thereby eliminating any possibility of me buying diamonds...from him...

The watch is in my (brand new) jewelry chest, waiting for Godot.

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