Thursday, February 01, 2007

What did you say?........... salesladyperson

I placed my three items on the counter and offered a cheerful hello. This startled her as she was scrunched beneath the counter rummaging for what? Gold? Nope….it was her lunch. She flashed a look of total annoyance and the voice that matched said “ I’m going to lunch, you’ll need to go to the front”.
Me: Uh, no one is at the front (looking directly at the abandoned front register).
She: There will be, just wait there
Me: Can you call someone?
She: (big sigh, looking around)
Me: I’ll buy your lunch if you’ll just ring these three little items up. (sometimes bribery works)
She: Oh, here! As she grabs a teeny tiny person carrying a S%*t load of ‘Tees’

She to Tinyperson: I’m outta here, help this lady.
Tinyperson: Ohheythosearesocutehereletmesetthisdown…
Me: I actually don’t say anything, as I’m trying to interrupt what she just said (at a glass breaking, speed of light, pitch).
Tinyperson: Ohthesearejustsocuteandreallyreallyreally……forgiving.
Me: Thanks (did she just say I’m fat?)
Tinyperson: Doyouwantthehangerbecauseswerenotsupposetoaskbut.....

Ialwaysliketohavethehangerbecause....(big sigh), ....I live with myboyfriend.
Me: Yes please,
Tinyperson: Okaythenthanksforshoppingat

*name changed to protect the ambivalent



Still Loves Hello Kitty said...

Customer service has gone down the toilet bowl - all people who work at stores act like they work at the DMV!

Heidi on Vashon said...

I have walked in your shopping shoes, lady, and it HURTS! What's the matter with these people? We don't want an ass smooch, we want in, want someone who knows her inventory, and we want to get the F out!