Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wired....the hard way

Husband Person (HP) and I share a home office… a very nice home office. About a year and a half ago HP got a little plasma tv for his viewing pleasure to put in the home office.

That was when I lost all control on what happens in the home office. To keep the peace and give him complete control over the clicker, I purchased a fifty foot co-axial cord (bright red), so that I could use my laptop in the other room . HP just cannot bring himself to go wireless as, we all know the KGB is still active and waiting for a chance to steal our identities..
Tonight I am set....watching live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles the 49th Grammy Awards. In HD by Sony. I have Chai Tea from Trader Joe's at the ready, some sort of Boboli construct thing going on, and salad , just in case. The Police (or Synchronicity) are supposed to kick it off, and, and so they are......... All in the middle of our king size bed… which is (for this evening) my home office, a real comfy home office.

I think I might have the better deal

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