Thursday, May 15, 2008

Want vs. need

Yesterday morning while tragedy was striking here and here.... Madame x received a phone call from her local (favorite) appliance pusher....who happens to be going out of business. (He has been going out of business for about six months now....) At first we were a little distressed to hear this.... we truly did have plans to remodel ye old kitchen and we like this guy (and his appliances), We wanted him to stay in business. We wanted his fair and reasonable prices.

But then we were all..... SALE! Rock bottom prices! If he was really going out of business,we thought we'd better go down and see what could be (for the future)... that was Six months ago, the appliance pusher wasn't quite ready to deal the good deal... Mx and Hub just said..."you have our number" and left.

Now.... let Mx just step right up here and say (loud and proud) that if you have ever remodeled a house by the 'joint spousal decision making method'. You probably are no longer joined... If you are about to begin a remodel using the 'joint spousal decision making method'.... You must get a magic marker (now!) and go around the house putting your initials on everything you want to take with you in the event of the inevitable 'messy separation'... and........ May God have mercy on your soul.

for Mx and husband, it never has been a matter of fussing over money.... More a matter of serious differences in personal style. So with malice aforethought, Mx and husband headed back to the 'going out of business sale' at the enticement of the appliance pusher.

With much give and take and sighing and heaving from Mx and then from husband of Mx and then from appliance pusher and then some more from Mx.... We scored some pretty good deals. AND husband of Mx.... dug deep into his secret (getting ready to fix up the 57 Chevy) money and paid up.

because lets face it.... You may want to fix up your old dusty car, sitting in the garage for twenty years. But you NEED a

Jade™ Dual-Fuel range, truly the best of both worlds. It allows you to sauté to perfection on a gas cooktop and brown with precision in a self-cleaning electric convection oven. Plus, it offers the largest usable oven capacity available in a cabinet-depth range. All Jade™ Dual-Fuel ranges feature a unique convection oven that constantly circulates an envelope of warm air around your food so meats emerge with a delicate brown crust while maintaining a juicy center. With both 18,000-BTU and 12,500-BTU burners and cast-iron grates, it's an excellent tool for creating a meal to remember.

Even if its just to show off your so very happenin'

Why men have to get involved in these things anyway..... Mx will never know.


Grandma J said...

Oh I am sooo jealous! Just the way you describe how the Jade oven circulates air as it dances around the meat to brown the outside and leave the inside juicy....yum! I agree, what is it about men wanting to have a say in the kitchen..unless he does the cooking. Then I say its all his.

madame x said...

Hi Grandma J... when huband retired from work, he put entire pantry in alpha order and Ima not kidding! shaking head.

stephanie t. said...

Sigh! I've had top -of- the -line electric/convection oven for years now...and my meat has only danced once. It was $80 worth of prime rib on Christmas eve...The temp gauge forced the oven into 'clean' mode...melted the electrical touch pad controls and locked up tight! The only thing that danced that night were the flames we watched, like a cheap peep debauchery.

It took months to get a replacement oven. Enjoy your newly retired stud ...and his oven!

madame x said...
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madame x said...

Stef...that is the saddest prime rib story Mx has ever heard. Shall proceed with caution if the thing actually ever gets out of the garage and into the kitchen

.....debauchery..... new favorite word.

.Will use it three times today.

foolery said...

I have range envy.