Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What?.. ****update**** bottom of post

Last night as Madame x was writing a note to her brother with the tv playing in the background..... she thought she heard a female voice say

"what the f.... are you doing?

Not in a casual camaraderie sort of way. More like, really pissed with a great emphasis on the F word. Madame x looked up and saw on the tv a clip of a cruise ship in some harbor.... turning. So she looked to the door wondering if Mr. Mx was talking to someone...... no.

Mx then picked up the tivo clicker and backed it up a few clicks, and heard it again.

"What the 'f....' are you doing?"

This was not an HBO movie..... This was not a payperview movie.. This was a 30 second news tease and she obviously thought she was off the air....Mx had to call Mr. Mx to have him listen (Mr. Mx's hearing has diminished lately and now he won't admit it, but Mx thinks he is stone deaf...at least when she is talking). However, the tv voice was so loud and clear that Mr. Mx

said "whoa, is that NBC news?"

A long standing news anchor

I present Sue Simmons magic moment

Sue Simmons Drops The F-Bomb - Watch more free videos

****update**** Mx posted this at 11:30am PST it is now 1:15pm and NBC is pulling these videos as fast as they can find them.....


Grandma J said...

I had to play that four times! Honestly? Have you called the station? They would probably play it down. Maybe a different station or your local newspaper! I think this more newsworthy than all those utubes of girls fighting and stuff.

Of course I'd be ticked if Pooper or Beauty heard that....gonna go play it again.

madame x said...

Hi GrandmaJ
mesmerizing.... isn't it
I didn't call the station because it wasn't really live for me... I had tivo(ed) a program plus we get both east coast and west coast feed on the satellite dish...

I heard she apologized on the eleven o'clock news... She said something like... "I am sorry for a word I used that 'some' may find objectionable"...

are you kidding me? Maybe I will call the station.

Grandma J said...

I'm not kidding! Hope you don't mind that I put an "update" on my blog inviting people to visit you!

Seriously you could get a whole lot of exposure on utube. lol

Grandma J said...

Looks like it's out there. I found this on Google.


Suzie said...

that was the funniest thing today. I played it for my office staff! but we do hope you will call the TV station and offer the clip for their blooper files.

Chellie said...

I feel sorry for whoever was on the receiving end of that...

foolery said...

Hey Madame X,

Well, I missed the clip, but that's okay -- I've heard that word before, once . . . :)

So, it seems maybe someone has been tubin' (no "g" in that word) the Sac in her lifetime? For a blistering Labor Day weekend kegger, no less. Hmmmmm. I think I may have to hear more.

-- Laurie "Chico State Alumnus" Foolery

heartshapedhedges said...

I missed it!

I hate when people retract their cussing!

Glad to find you :)

Some People Call Me Mom said...

Why am I always late to the party (or objectionable content)? I always miss the good stuff.

Grandma J is introducing me to all kinds of new people and experiences!

madame x said...

Hi Suzie... I'm glad you heard it before NBC did their usual and pulled it..

..... tubin'.... gotcha...
have never been..nor ever will be:}

....Mx, Aunt of "Chico State Alumnus".... :)

Chellie: Heard she was directing her comment to the person responsible for the clip...it was about groceries and somehow a cruise liner got in there.

Heart/hedges: Welcome! Thanks for stopping in

some people: glad you stopped in...come back soon.