Saturday, May 10, 2008


Mx interrupts her (thousand page novel) to bring you

breaking news....
A phenomenon has happened in the blogging world folks, Mx thinks this must be a first for any personal blogger.

got Fourteen THOUSAND (thousand, thousand, thousand) comments on her post yesterday. All because she ran a little contest...(as she is want to do). Usually, it is some sort of 'name this picture' and lots of clever and not so clever comments boosts her numbers up into the thousands, but nothing close to 14! thousand.

It was the prize she offered.... are you ready? A Nikon D80 digital camera (plus some sort of printer to which Mx didn't pay much attention because she was so focused on the NIKON D80 digital camera)..... Mx immediately broke both her wrists caused by the lightning speed used to leave a comment on said contest. It wasn't really a comment.... just had to leave your website address. It seems Pioneer Woman has a site that randomly picks the winner. It's the luck of the draw on Monday. Wish Mx luck..
fourteen thousands comments...... ?????

editorial note:
While Mx finds Pioneer Women a charming and delightful read
Lately she has discovered these two funny ladies and so added them to the list of people Mx doesn't know.
by the way, I found them thru remember her? Who Knew?
They write some pretty clever/awesome blog stuff, but OMG... some of their comments here just leave Mx laughing her way out the door.


foolery said...

Wow -- just stopped in to wish you a late-evening Happy Mother's Day, only to find that you have mentioned me in your post -- how cool is that? Thank you so much! And I have already added YOU to MY blog roll, because i think you are The Bee's Knees, Madame X.

I wish you good providence tomorrow. I am not in PW's contest; I get too antsy and find myself hitting REFRESH REFRESH all day. Come on, P-Dub; Madame needs a new D-80!

Hope your day was sublime, and thanks again for the kind words. You made my week.

-- Laurie @ Foolery

Grandma J said...

Oh boy! I wander over to see if you still have your nose in that book and wish you a Happy Mother's Day. You came up for air and gave me a shout out.....geesh(as I blush)!
I've been entering P-Dub's contests ever since she started with stuff from her junk drawer. Now she has lofty prizes like cameras that cost an arm and a leg.
Thank you for the mention, you sure know how to make a gal feel good.

madame x said...

Love you guys....

just sayin :)