Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wintry mood

Madame x was perusing Border's recently, looking for videos for him. She accidently landed in the book section (which is oddly what ,Tom and Louis Border has in mind back in 1971....BOOKS....not videos and coffee and jigsaw puzzles and keychains.) While briskly walking through the book section Mx's eye caught this----------->

She had to stop and pull it from the shelf... and it spoke to her (much like the last two biscotti in the tin.... in the pantry...... on the top shelf..... hidden behind the three year old box of dog biscuits).

Book: "Remember Pillars of the Earth? How you didn't want it to end, how you ignored family and friends for seventy-two hours because it was a story with a life force of its own? Remember how you snarled and scurried into the bathroom and locked the door when those family and friends ventured close, trying to pull you from its grip? Well, you are in luck.....Verily, I AM THE SEQUEL and baby it's cold outside. Take me home and snuggle up with me."

If Madame x goes dark for a few days...... Not to worry


Suzie said...

I've not had a book "call" to me but I have had a cookie, chips, chocolate, and tequila call me!

madame x said...

Suzie, chips and tequila.... don't call

they.... grap you around the ankles and get you in a head lock and pry open your jaw and THEN they 'holler'..... "gotcha!" while cookies and chocolate call encouragement from the sidelines....

foolery said...

I'm craving a good book lately, but I MUST FEED THE BEAST (my blog and blog roll). It's hard to find time for both.

Plus, there's the problem of The Comfy Chair. I am lucky enough to own a reasonably uncomfortable desk chair for my computer, which is located in a drafty part of the living room, where there is poor light and lots of glare. If I were to abandon such reading conditions in favor of The Comfy Chair and a good book, I'd fall asleep at the title page and not wake up 'til July.

Happy reading Madame X!

madame x said...

Hi Laurie... Happy reading indeed! About the computer chair..... is a comfortable one made? and why does the cushion keep landing on the floor?