Thursday, May 22, 2008

What She said

go here askgrandma J*
tell her Madame x sent you
tell her Madame x sez "ah shucks"
tell her Madame x also sez "thanks and back at cha"
cause when you're hot.... you're hot

get your two cents worth

If you are Delusional, psychotic, neurotic, psychopathic or confused...
Grandma J can only do so much,

The 1st ever Foolery Bloggywood awards

This is Foolery .....she started it...

Madame x will be naming more awards as soon as she climbs out of the tar pit


Grandma J said...

That's hysterical! That's such a hoot. I hope no one asks me anything really important, cuz you know, I'll just make stuff up.

Hope that tar pit isn't real deep. :)

foolery said...

Madame X, you rock. Why the heck didn't I do 36 awards, like I'd planned? Oh yeah . . . sleep . . . pity.

WHAT?! Not blogging on a Mac, you say? Say it isn't so, Madame X! Say it isn't so!

Oh well, I know where you can buy one.