Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wife Goes On

Yesterday Madame x got a long overdue pedicure... as she sat in a giant vibrating chair, her feet immersed in warm swirling water,she looked at the bottle of nail polish clutched in her hand and noticed the color she selected was called:

---- 'wife goes on' -----

she then drifted off to the land of idle thoughts,

Once upon another lifetime, Madame x married a handsome

young dashing charmer who happened to be a Lt. in the United States Navy. He took her away to a town full of strangers...

Madame x tried to stay busy

t.v and painting pretty pictures and
baking cookies and ironing big ole' man sized shirts

Every night when the handsome and charming young Lt. arrived home....Madame x was full of news and conversation and idle chat chat chat

The Handsome (and weary) Lt just wanted to sit in his easy chair and make the day go away

the young bride eager to share her every waking moment of her day followed him around the apartment with her constant chatter and relentless banter .... even into the bed.

One night as she was yada yada blah blahing away.... The handsome and weary Lt gently put his hand on hers and said ....Wait.!..as if he heard something (other than her)....

Mx waited
Then waited some more
Then heard a small noise that slowly grew louder.... she turned

and saw the profile of her husband gently snoring .

end of reverie


stephanie t. said...

OMG! Hysterical!! Enjoy your pedi...My favorite toesie color is 'Slut Red' LOL!!!

Greg fell asleep in the middle of a phone call once during a business trip...I had to call the hotel in St. Louis to go wake him up!

Grandma J said...

I never notice the name of the nailpolish color...but now I will.

Grandma J said...

Hope all is OK in your corner of the world.

I know your nails have to be dry by now. :)

Grandma J said...

Thanks for stopping by. I check here daily and figured your father wasn't doing well. Prayers all the way around my friend.:))

Chellie said...

Mx...where art thou???

Keeper Of All Things said...

OMG did you marry Steve from Blues Clues.....cause thats his chair!!!

Grandma J said...

I still check to see how you are. Hope all is ok, and you have a safe and sane 4th of July.

Lot's of emphasis on the sane part!


Chellie said...

I get so sad when you disappear.

foolery said...

Madame X,

You and I disappeared from Bloggywood at the same time. The difference is, i came home from vacation after five days, and you . . . well, I fear you have more on your plate than I did.

Thinking of you, missing your words (especially the W words), and hoping you are doing okay and will return soon.

Your friend,


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