Thursday, May 01, 2008


Madame x is trying so very hard to be as green as possible.

  • No more plastic grocery bags
  • No more running water idly
  • No more Polar Bear hunting.........

So far, Madame x ..... hasn't been able to turn in the big ole Gas Guzzler driving machine....because it is so great for road trips.... but eventually, it will happen.

This site is devoted to the whole going green concept....

Some of the energy saving recommendations :
  • Get a pig to eat your food scraps... (

  • set up a worm farm.... (remind you of a certain jingle?)

give up the 'Beer Refrigerator'..... (Seriously... what has Mx been missing )

But if you give up this....

You might give up this

and everyone would be green with envy

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