Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wash Day

the Washer Machine...... in praise of

Once when Madame x said the dishwasher was her favorite electric device.... She realized , the very next day, while gathering up a weeks worth of clothes from her hamper aka: the closet floor .... she might have been mistaken.

She further realized she has come a long way from her ancestors (The Coggins clan). Those hardy folk, who climbed from straw pallets on a misty Scot morn, walk down to the lochs edge, pee, then washa washa washa soiled garments. Nor does she have to wash her clothes on Monday as the hardy pioneer women did, so that they may all be dry by Sunday for church or mumbly peg.

Mx dreds Washin' sheen Day, as her baby boy called it.... or Worshing machine as her Granny called it (she of the Coggins clan) and when it came time to purchase the FINAL Washer of her life, there was research and inquiries and looking and looking and looking to find the perfect machine to make Mx's life easier. It was decided... the LG Tromm.... not for any other reason than ..... best... price from the appliance guy.

However, Mx did not get the stands for those giant machines to rest upon. Mainly because it would be another $250.00...... the dollar was already stretched to the max.

This was a mistake....

for two years Mx has been bending and kneeling and yes, once a squat that felt like both her knees popped sideways...

So yesterday when the appliance guy delivered two beautiful brand new shiny stands (for the price of less than one....) Madame x and her aching back declared

'THE WASHER!' as her favorite electric device.


Grandma J said...

Nice washer! I agree, if you have to have a front loader...get the risers. Your illustration does a good job of demonstrating why.

Chellie said...

Washin' sheen day...very cute!

Grandma J said...

knock, knock...anyone home? did you lock yourself in your laundry room with that groovy machine?