Friday, August 24, 2007

Worst and Best

We're home briefly (to oversee the rental house repairs and check in on Dad) then on the road again....

This is the worst picture, of all the gazillion pictures I took.. notice the lovely rock...which is in perfect focus.

This...however... is the best picture I took (for so many reasons)

***the weather was freezing *** the entire time

Boat drinks*

Waitress we need twelve more boat drinks

I think we got cabin fever.....Somebody sound the alarm
This photo was taken on the last day of vacation

and I think it is amazingly focused


*song and lyrics courtesy of Jimmy Buffett


captain corky said...

Very nice. Can you pour me a drink?

madame x said...

you have to be a 'shut-in' by circumstance though..

"no fishing under the influence"

Anonymous said...

I love Jimmy Buffett. I'm so glad you're back. (oh, but wait, you're leaving again!)

madame x said...

Hi Saly... oddly enough I have every single Jimmy Buffett CD including the not-so-great 1996 'Christmas Island' a book.

I didn't purchase any of them...all were gifts from family members... So, they are all parrot heads....not me.

I love his lyrics...

Dan said...

If I drank what was in the second photo and then looked at you, you would look exactly as you do in the first photo! :)

Anonymous said...

"Pour me somethin tall and strong . . ."

Welcome back . . . for the day, at least. Can't wait to hear about your adventures when you're back for good!


madame x said...

Dan.... exactly


Em.... Just spent 15 minutes reading all about you and the Scientist. Loved it all.