Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weighing in.....

We are at the end of the strawberry season here in California but I thought (out of curiosity) I would do a little price comparison. Just in case I
wanted to start watching my nickels and dimes..

First up, is Von’s (formerly Safeway for you NorCal folk). These strawberries come from Watsonville. Watsonville is the artichoke capitol of the WORLD folks… but they have nice strawberries too. They come prepackaged in plastic see-through, well you know, boxes and are 3.49 a lb. Each pkg is a lb.
Albertson's, on the other hand offers the same 1lb pkg from ‘Central Ca’ for 3.99 a lb...I haven't been able to shop at Albertson's (even if they were to suddenly get cheaper) since 1990 when my grandmother tripped over some plastic tarp in their store and made me promise to 'never step foot in their door again'... I think she wanted a life time annuity and a new car for her pain and suffering and they declined. She ended up with a little settlement though, well actually a pretty hefty check. Probably why their prices are higher and why I'll 'never step foot in their door again'. She was a rascal that one, someone you don't want falling down in your store...
sorry-back on topic
Trader Joe’s (Proudly supporting the arts, one chalkboard at a time) only carried the extra large gourmet organic w/stems at $5.00 a pkg which holds about seven beautiful strawberries

And last….the local Farmer’s roadside stand. $9.00 a flat… Not as pretty as peak season, as you can see by the photo, but so big and fat and heavy you can hardly carry the things to the car. Twice the amount of strawberries for less than half the price.

btw: Corky I'm not really stealing your 'food' topic...this was really in my 99 year blog plan. Really.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

thanks for the visit and come back again! plant city florida will have strawberries in a few months. they have a wonderful festival each year. does california do that too?

smiles, bee

madame x said...

Yep, here locally it's not as big a deal as Plant City...but, we have a three day event with strawberries prepared every which way...and speaking of way...there is also, waaaay too few parking areas.

It's a good time to leave town :}

Guilty Secret said...

Ah man I bet your strawberries are soooo sweet over there, too... *sigh*