Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wasted Day....... and a Worthy Cause

Yesterday I only had time to comment on one post before I headed to the hospital for a medical test. A ridiculously long test requiring Madame x to lie very very still for long periods of time as a giant space ship hovered over her with about 1 inch of breathing space. If I have your sympathy and attention.....I bring you this

If you are so inclined to contribute to a worthy cause...besides your own families health and welfare, this is a good one.... It is about the children. I will just copy and paste my niece’s description as she says it best. I will tell you that my niece is an attorney in LA and she is ‘good people’. I haven’t truly researched to see if the money actually gets to the intended children, but I believe KT has an honorable group of friends and that it will.

From KT's blog: Share our Strength, an organization that works to end childhood hunger in America and the organization that put on the recent Taste of the Nation event, is bringing you a new way to contribute to the cause.The Great American Bake Sale is a campaign to get people to host bake sales in their community to raise money to aid children at risk of hunger.This is a way to contribute for those of us who may not have $100 to pay for a food festival, but may be rich in friends and neighbors who like to eat (and who doesn't, really?)

click HERE TO read about it and DONATE or click here to donate directly (thanks to Em)

Thanks Em!

Leave a dollar or's easy... it's fun... it isn't fattening

So ends the PSA.... and THANK YOU THANK YOU for reading..... and maybe even donating..

Madame x


Emmeline said...

Clicked on the link to donate . . . it only takes me to an enlarged image of the picture. You didn't get the actual link to the donation site in there. Just wanted to let you know cause I would be interested in donating if I could get to the site! :)

I hope your test results turn out well!


madame x said...

Hi Em... thank you so much for the 'heads up'... I changed the configuration a little...and added an option.

Kudos to you my friend and thanks so much for trying.

captain corky said...

You always have my attention Madame X. ;) Everything ok?

PS Thanks for the link!!!

Emmeline said...

Thanks for fixing the link!

madame x said...

Hey Corky....all is well

Em...Thanks again!

tannaz said...

hey there! found you through KT's blog. I'm the one holding the No Cookie Left Behind Bake Sale. thanks so much for doing this!!

In case there's any confusion with the links, to donate directly, you can always just click here.

thanks very much for your support!