Sunday, August 12, 2007


Twelve hours peeling off wallpaper ... the damn stuff must have
been put on with Rhino Glue...

I wanted to take a photo of the ensuing mess of water and little
bits of paper debris everywhere, not to mention the sweaty brow
of madame x’s husband... but his

look gave me pause.

He’d like to get his hands on the asshat that put that stuff all the hell over
the laundry and bathroom walls twenty years ago.

Oh wait.... that was me.


pastorsbride said...

looks fun!

captain corky said...


I used to paint houses when I lived in DC and bit here in KY and one of the conclusions I came to is that Wallpaper should be outlawed.

Suzie said...

wow 12 hours? I love the look of my wallpaper but I guess I never thot about taking it off if I have to.... ugh 12 hours?

madame x said...

Hi Suzie, take very good care of your wallpaper...and you shall never have to take it off!

Enjoyed visiting your blog!

madame x said...

Robyn! What have you been up to girl?

Corky: can I hear an 'amen'. (that was sorta for Robyn too..)