Sunday, August 05, 2007

Word for the Day

Doppleganger: (DOP-uhl-gang-er) noun
A ghostly counterpart or double of a living person.
[From German, literally a double goer.]

I was reading the label on a prepackaged deli item when I first felt her stare. I glanced up but she quickly looked away. The next encounter happened two aisles later coming from opposite directions – she hesitated slightly as we passed, as if she wanted to say something to me.

Finally, four more aisles down the road and there in front of the instant oatmeal I decided to end her misery (for all the furtive glances) and I offered an encouraging ‘Hi’.

Good Googa Mooga! The verbal floodgates sprang open with an outpouring of multiple ‘Oh my Goshes’ It seems I am the EXACT (right down to the haircut) …spitting image of her cousin Kathy Jean who lives in Canada.
It did peak my interest though, as I slowly backed away. Oddly enough, this happened to me once before about fifteen years ago. A saleslady in a boutique was astounded at how much I looked, acted and even talked like her best friend. What are the odds...that there are two people in this world that look EXACTLY like me?

So, Kathy Jean: if you’re reading this…. Send a photo, especially if you are tall and thin… I'd like to see how I'd look

Tall and Thin

FYI: 179 years from now,on this day ... - Kevin Thomas Riley, Tasvennir, Tarsus IV (Star Trek) will be born 8-5-2186


Guilty Secret said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Glad you like it... do keep reading!

Sounds like you have 'one of those faces' as they say. My sister and I get this all the time... people insisting we look just like someone they know. And I mean insisting!

saly said...

Nice of you to "break the ice" for her!

madame x said...

Hi Ms Gulty Secrets! I shall keep reading and maybe all my double goers will too!

Saly! That's what she said! "Thank you for SAYING SOMETHING to me" I had a choice! for all the ogle histrionics:)

Shari said...

I have had this happen to me, too. I have heard we have a "twin". Heck, my hubby looks like John Denver when his bangs are long.

Looking at doppledanger, how about a dead ringer? Ghostly or "twin".

madame x said...

Shari: Wow! Now when I get the snarky remarks about my John Denver CD in the car...I'll just say.."Oh that? That's Shari's husband... I'll have to make a new CD label though.

thanks for stopping in:)

saly said...

I LOVE John Denver. I think I know all of his greatest hits word for word. I got to see him in concert about a year before he died on his 'comeback tour.' YOu just roll down those windows and turn up the volune when you are playin his CD. Be proud! :)