Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wicket W. Warrick

Height:.8 meter
Weapon:spear, sling
Vehicle:hang glider
Wicket W. Warrick was a loyal, curious and adventurous young Ewok scout when he first met Princess Leia Organa in the forests of Endor'smoon. The lone Ewok found a strange offworlder knocked unconscious from a speeder bike accident. Tentatively prodding her with his spear, the jittery scout was surprised to find this strange creature not only alive, but friendly as well.
Galactic historians would be surprised to note that this friendship led the way to an alliance that helped overthrow the Empire.

Wicket led Leia to his Ewok village, high in the trees of Endor. There, the Ewok leaders learned of the Galactic Civil War. It wasn't long before the Ewoks pledged their loyalty to the Rebel Alliance, and helped the Rebels in their fight against the Empire. Were it not for the Ewoks, the Rebels would not have been able to infiltrate and destroy the Imperial shield generator complex on Endor. With the generator down, the Alliance Fleet was able to penetrate the second Death Star's superstructure and destroy the station

Okay, it's true........ I don't have much to write about today
BTW Dan.... if you're reading this.... THIS guy should be your butler.... not big foot. You could 'throw over empires!'.... and hide in trees and stuff


Dan said...

What are his rates? Does he have references?

LOL! :) Hugs W!

Anonymous said...

So, since I'm new to your blog, I was a little slow at what "Letter W" meant. I'm starting to catch on. :)

madame x said...

Dan Dan Dan...I don't think he supplies the references........... you do:)
me likey hugs ;)
-------- one knows what the 'Letter W' means...maybe not even me!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to sound like that I thought I had cracked some code or something. I was just so slow that I just realized that all of your post titles begin with w. That's all! :)

madame x said...

saly....shhhh, it might be a secret code :O

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! :)

captain corky said...

If it weren't for Ewoks like Wicket I would never have anything to right about.

madame x said...

would never have anything to right about.

and thank God for that! What would we do without our morning 'cuppa Corky'.....

which reminds me I added you to my links, even though I'm sort of stealing you from Loves Hello Kitty..... :)