Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wine Country

Early Friday morning we are headed to Northern CA….via our uber gas-guzzling, non-green, ‘get out m’way’ big ass car. Well, the registration sez it's a truck, but Madame x's a car.
It is also pretty darn comfortable driving and we don’t have to go thru a TSA line, half dressed, with six hundred dollars worth of make up crammed into a one quart baggie. Or put up with a surly flight attendant who is sick to death of the job, and the weary masses of demanding souls trying to get to an urgent destination on an overbooked flight.

Madame x has waned of late in accompanying her husband to the races…but she always agrees to this particular race. Smack in the middle of a heavenly little valley of thousand year old stately oak trees and row after row of brand new grapes… The restaurants, the vineyards, the Spas all outdoing each other in excellence…. The weather is delicious and the town folk friendly and accommodating.

I may or may not get a post in tomorrow. If not, I’ll see all you working stiffs in another ten days. At any rate, I’m sending a postcard to this guy while in Calistoga….. Maybe you can send him one from your county.



Anonymous said...

well, you know you had me laughing again. Maybe one ought to think about coming out of retirement for a modeling contract...

Anonymous said...

wow, I wonder what that guy is gonna do with all his postcards. that is crazy!


madame x said...

Saly....alas, if Madame x were to become a model, she couldn't follow her husband around to manly,woodsy,sporting events and places.... a model....hmmmmm

Hey Em, as for the postcard guy... If he were to put all 3100 plus cards in fat binders that held 100 plastic see-thru sheets holding 6 postcards each...that would be, 4 or 6 binders...or say for instance, 20 postcards stacked, (an inch deep) put 300 post cards in a shoebox, requiring 10 shoeboxes..... or he could just dump them into 3 or 4 giant Wal-Mart plastic tubs, then schlep the lot on the Letterman show, have DL autograph a few and put the whole thing on ebay
but I dunno....

haven't given it much thought

Palm Springs Savant said...

Thanks for the tip on the postcard guy. I'll be sure to send one from Palm Springs!

carey said...

Postcard guy here, I just noticed your post :) Unfortunately, I never got your postcard from Calistoga :(

So far I've got just under 100 postcards from 56 different counties or so (with California way in the lead). I'm mostly using the online blog to showcase them, so I haven't given much thought to organizing the real ones. So they're all sitting in a plastic ziplock baggie right now.

Keep 'em coming!