Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Way way .... long ago

Today is the first day in fifteen years that our rental house sits empty.... I will always love this house, as it represents a major milestone in my life as a single Mom.... Purchased in 1975, it had to be co-signed with my parents, even though I was able to come up with a 30k downpayment. They didn't trust single women buyers so much in those days, plus I had a fairly low paying job. My mortage payment was $278.00 a month, including impounded taxes. I paid off the mortage eighteen years ago.

We drove over to take inventory on maintanence and repairs....and found these vintage photos tacked to the otherwise bare bulletin board on the back porch.

pictures were taken.....sixty-five years ago. What a great thing to have! You cannot tell by the top picture...but that is a dirt road in front of the house. Evidently, a young soldier rented a room back in the WWII era. He stopped by the house on a visit back to our town and dropped by to see how it looked all these years later and brought photos to share.

The house has not seen too many (exterior)changes... But no longer has shutters, I think we need to get some......don't you?

I'll post a current picture as soon as the place is spruced up a little.......

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