Monday, August 06, 2007

Worn Out

Migraines...what do they look like?

They can ruin a week-end ...that's for sure

Found this on the web.... as I was trying to get some new info re: the dreaded migraine.
This is
Mark Fitzgerald's vision (of his aura) at the onset of a migraine.So amazing to me, because
this is what I see.... only mine is a bright pink superglowing blob. Pink isn't even a good word....Magenta....a pulsating, glowing, neon Magenta blob. When I see this blob, I know what is coming.... Oh God.

I haven't found any new information.... but these are some of my own ideas about my migraines.
1. They are not 'cyclic'... the only cycling I do is on an exercise machine and I actually don't do that either.

2. They don't seem to be food related. As in, Chocolate, Cheese, Wine.....the big three of the migraine culprits....

3. Stress? maybe... who knows. We all tend to make our own stress, outside factors only exacerbate what makes us anxious.

4. For some reason, I feel quilty getting them, as if I caused them somehow. As if I'm being melodramatic with the throwing-up and sleep of the dead. As if I'm looking for attention .

5. Pity the poor husband standing by, especially when he wants to do something for you....and you just want to be left a dark room....with four pillows on your head.


Guilty Secret said...

I used to get loads of migraines until I went on the pill (microgynon) then they stopped... I later found out this happens to lots of people... so if you're on the pill, maybe you could switch to one like this.
In the meantime... stress is definitely a factor, I'm afraid. What can you do? Of *course* we'd all like to be less stressed!

madame x said...

Hi GS... well, I'm a little beyond the power curve for the pill... HRT was suggested and things just got worse..

As my physician said "I think it's from Sin and Bad Living"... no really, he said that :( :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Someone else knows what I see too! I haven't had one of these in about 6 years. I better knock on wood. When I had those aura's, I thought I was having a stroke. Mine is like silver wavy lines that looks like electricity that leads to a visual blind spot. I never got used to those!

My MD told me it was related to tht time of the month. dunno. They have magically vanished after having them all the time for awhile.

madame x said...

Hey Saly...there are a lot of us migraine sufferers out there, me thinks.... Someone should do something about the dang things...

Hope they stay away for you (and go away for me)

Guilty Secret said...

OMG I can't believe your physician actually said that! Seriously? That is BAD!

Anne said...

My dentist recommended this plastic molded guard (but i could have bought it in a sporting goods store for way less!). that I wear on my lower teeth at night. I have fewer incidents (my migraines would last a day and I remember getting them as a six year old!) I suspect that mine are fairly mild because they last a day and advil and eight hours in a dark room takes care of it. Mine might be stress. Say I found your blog from Dan's (curiousity natch!). You are funny! Wallpaper incident, i can relate.

madame x said...

okay I'm seriously looking into the mouth guard thing... thanks for the tip!