Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday Review...... edited

Madame x has been thinking about starting a Wednesday (movie)Review post.
Not necessarily posted on Wednesday....

Wednesday is the day R.G. (and her band of chicka...s ) comes to clean Madame x’s bathrooms and sometimes fireplace(s)*, can read all about that*
here.....written (btw) before Madame x became all hip and started referring to herself in the third.

Madame x and her spouse, the very handy and accomadating Mr. Mx, allows that he take time out from his very busy day so that he and Mx can go to the afternoon matinee.... at special old fogey prices. Thereby, getting out of the house (on the cheap) and out of R.G.'s way.

Some stimulating and thought provoking conversations have arisen from these movie treks so why not get blogger in on the deal.....Just so you know.... Wednesday Review....or "What the Hell.... was that?" will be the actual post title.

as that is almost ALWAYS the way Mr. Mx begins the discussion

So, stay tuned.

If you feel cheated about not getting a review in today's post.... here is one I did when I just was getting my feet wet in the blogging world... an abandoned blog. It started out as a post about Thanksgiving, then wandered into something akin to a movie review... or maybe not

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I would love to read reviews of your weekly movies! I love movies. I often review them myself, but usually on my real life blog, not over here. Anyway, looking forward to the first one!