Sunday, January 20, 2008

While you are waiting

First.....thanks for checking in on know who you are Em and Chellie and my friend with guilty secrets.... all is well and I will be stopping in with comments soon... You are good peeps So, until I actually get back to posting, I offer an inventory of my desk:

1. Mickey Mouse. He is trying to look inconspicuous in case 'the grandsons' are still around. One of which, has a habit of sucking on Mickey while watching videos. Mickey thinks Buzz or Woody should take a turn.

2. Madame x's favorite coffee cup (a gift) usually filled with Peet's Arabian Mocha-Java...... As we know, Starbucks is loathe to sell Peet's. My last year rez was to NEVER ever stand in line at Starbuck’s to pay $4.75 for a venti java chip Frappuccino.... ever again..... (and almost didn't).

3. Madame x's desktop computer...a faithful old friend suffering serious wear and tear. Twelve years of steady uninterrupted service and now almost out of ram and megahertz. It is too old to upgrade and has been partitioned twice. Madame x needs a new desktop....but some people cast askance at such nonsense. (see item 5)

4. A magnum of scissors...Madame x doesn't feel secure unless she is surrounded by a lot of scissors...There are more in the other room...for every pair of scissors, Mx has four writing and drawing implements. These are necessary staples in Mx’s life.....




Mrs. Dash's seasoning,

scissors, gel pen.....

5. The software program which tracks all Mx's *necessary staples. *Necessary is very subjective, as in 'peculiar to a particular individual'... IE: spouse of Mx, who is prone to qualify what is necessary (which is totally unnecessary).

6. Buzz and Woody and Jess and Prospector .....they are so cool! they drive a turquoise Cadillac car.

7. Last(ly).... THE LAPTOP.... such a bad boy.....crashed twice.... diagnosed with schlepping syndrome (as in schlepped all over creation) sometime without even a shut would like to have a brand new desktop for a brother or sister to play with and teach bad habits.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Cute with the cadillac and little figurines. :)


Chellie said...

I love gel pens.