Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who's in.....Who's out

Madame x has one or two oscar observations:


Daniel Day Lewis - There will be blood

He is never going to be as beautiful as he was in this -------->


Cate Blanchett - Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Madame x thinks Cate should be given the oscar so she can put away the white face powder...... and we can let HRH... R.I.P.....KWIM

Angelia Jolie - A Mighty Heart

No nomination for this sad but true story----too bad, so much better than her Laura Croft deal.Psssst....didja hear the rumor...pregnant again....with twins

Hey wait a minute...
is that Judge Amy's brother?

Sean Penn - Into the Wild

First time directing.... Another sad but true story.

Looks like he didn't get a nod from Mrs. Penn... either

And those are the observations of Madame x re: a few oscar nominations.. Bye the bye....Madame x hasn't seen any of these movies, so she really doesn't know if 'Mighty Heart' is better than a movie about Pandora's box.


Emmeline said...

That is SO Vincent! Haha. I love Judging Amy. I miss it. My mom and I used to watch it together. Thank goodness for TNT re-runs!


madame x said...

Hey Em....I'm almost caught up on your tribulations with the scientist. You are handling it with much insight and caution my friend, can't be easy for you.

Have to go read some more......