Friday, July 20, 2007

Well Enough Alone

Pretty Picture... has nothing to do with blog subject

I've been messing with the template again and managed to get it aaaallllllll screwed up. But I think it is just about back to normal and as there is not time to pull something out of the blog part of my gray matter............. today you get a run down on my blog links.

First up is my niece
  1. KT and her husband "J" are attorneys in LA (el A) but J doesn't practice law anymore so I don't know if one could say he is an attorney...but I do. KT is also a foodie but nobody sez "foodie" anymore so she is more a fledgling gourmet and writes a pretty darn educational and (lots of time fun) food facts and recipes blog.
  2. Loves Hello Kitty is the daughter my mother always wished she had. One can tell by her posts that she might be borderline OCD about cleanliness and order. She brings us some great product reviews (for us girlie girls). Her very best posts are her people observations and it gets even better when she throws in candid photos... Her obsession with all things "Hello Kitty" is waning but I hope she keeps her title.
  3. W Style Magazine....gets a little 'out there'....but fun. I actually found this link exactly as it is, on another site and had to add it to mine ....because, well, you know.
  4. The Pastorsbride A must read.... She is a laugh riot, and because of the nature of 'google', I think she (more often then she should.....) gets her share of self-righteous readers that do not understand her vernacular. They are looking for wisdom and recipes and instead get hilarious snippets of the ups and downs of marriage to a hunky pastor with ready made kids. Stop in and give her some love.

So that is the run down on my links..... I'd love to add Captain Corky but he might bring the birdman over here! (kidding....just kidding:D...birdman most welcome) besides I'd be stealing him from Femmetopia (aka Still Loves Hello Kitty) and Heidi on Vashon (one 'full of life women') ...I'm living her life...vicariously! I should link Dan also 'cause he left a comment once and we have the same coffee maker...he already has about a hundred girlfriends, he probably needs a break, but lulu* could use some props.

As for you other three readers, too shy to comment... Maybe I'll link you too... just

......Come on down.......

*click on Dan's link to find out who lulu is....


pastorsbride said...

Thank you!

Uh-oh. I still say foodie!

And Hello Kitty???? I have the HK toaster & waffle maker!

madame x said...

maybe it's only the real foodies...don't say 'foodie'....I'm not clear on the rules.... maybe, if you are a not a 'real' foodie, you're safe to use the term :D

however I do have a HK drinking cup all see-thru w/cute pink bowed HKs.


Dan said...

Well aren't you the sweetest for linking to me! A hundred girlfriends? No way! You're making me blush! :)

Thanks for the mention. Lulu is purring. Hugs.

madame x said...

Hi Dan... I've been over to your blog and can't get a comment in edgewide:):):) among the TWO HUNDRED or so others....

Your hike sounds (and looks) amazingly fabulous....
I think I used to be married to big foot... I can get you his address