Monday, November 13, 2006

World Wide Wonder Waffles...................................not

I didn't really mean to stay home from work today.... But the husband wanted Waffles.


Not the working woman's breakfast fare. So, I waved him off with the flick of my wrist, never taking my eyes from the newspaper. "Can't.... we don't have eggs"

He was gone before I could even look up.... headed to the store .... for eggs.

I called work and left a message on the secretary's voice mail that I wouldn't be in.

I hauled out the villaware waffle maker.... The 'Hummer' of all waffle makers, and tried not to think about the only other time I've used the thing since Santa left it under the tree. We could have built a summer home with those waffles. Dense, overcooked, lego-looking, brick-like waffles......

I bought a pricey pancake mix at Sur La Table this summer (Carmel, CA).
I would use the new mix and the age old 'fold in beaten egg whites' trick. Wow, that batter looked great. Wow, big ole villaware took almost all my batter. Wow, oozing, monster waffle .... Wow, steam wafting up as it split apart upon lifting the big bertha lid.

Back to the bisquick, 2 cups of it... add 1 egg, 1 1/3 cup milk 1TBL oil.... Pour into one hummer waffler maker.... and viola.... one batch of average Ho Hummer waffles.....and a nice breakfast with my husband.


Hello Kitty Fanatics R Us said...

That waffle maker sure makes big waffles. Wow.
I have to admit that despite my determination to drink water, eat mostly organic produce and very little meat, I still love bacon. My grandpa had a deep waffle maker like yours and would pour in some batter (yes, Bisquick-based batter), lay some strips of crisp bacon over the batter, add more batter and close the waffle iron... yummy bacon waffles... I miss them, and him.

madame x said...

oh gosh... Great story, and you know I'm going to try the bacon thing with my next waffle endevor.

grandpa(s) are love