Friday, November 17, 2006


she exclaimed: Who has been boiling my gap chinos? and I'm not talking about my 'size little'.....
I'm talking about my size..'not so little'.

The trouble began six weeks ago.

I was entertaining a new minimalist stage of my cluttered life. I suggested we move the treadmill out of the downstairs office. I also suggested we move it into the garage.... to a spot currently occupied by one 1957 Chevy Nomad station wagon.
This would mean, of course, taking this vintage 'treasure' off-site so I could create a nice little exercise area for myself....

Can you believe that this was not met with enthusiasm?...... First came the 'blank' look, as in no comprehension, then the sort of furrowed brow, as in 'did she really just suggest that'?, then the sideways tilt of the head, as in 'Oh no! you didn't really just suggest that'! the tight jaws are always the best. It is a look that has many meanings...this look was "THE GARAGE IS MINE....YOU CAN'T HAVE IT". Culminating in a look of disgust. With a little puff of air escaping from his tight jawed lips, he turned and left the room. Never uttering a word.

I haven't been on the treadmill since.

I'll show him...boy

btw: My niece is starting a detox diet... she is much braver and much younger than I....

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