Monday, October 23, 2006


goodbye for awhile.... leaving for Atlanta (ya'll) to see the grands for two weeks.. But first must get a manicure and a pedicure. I'm branching out this time, changing from my usual french on the fingers and french on the toes. All because of this post Resisting the "French Manicure" Pedicure you may have to scroll down to see it... So I stopped by to make the appointment and pick a new color.

Okay, the colors are nice and everything....but how do you get that job making up the names, because I want it. Have you seen these names? Is it only O.P.I.?

The color I've selected for tomorrow is 'Have a Tempura Tan-Trum'.... The shop keeper told me O.P.I.'s most popular color was "I'm not a waitress". So of course, it is discontinued.

If I had that job, I would name my first color "cotton candy, with a bitter finish" in honor of the former 'Ms Loves Hello Kitty'. Then my next color would be "Settle Down" probably because I'm going to visit two little livewire grandsons and, they
just. never. stop.

a job naming polish colors..... and watching the boys

They wouldn't even have to pay me


Hello Kitty Fanatics R Us said...

OPI's color names are fun, but oftentimes corny! I'm Really Not A Waitress was a deep, sparkly red. Kind of slutty. I liked it. I am honored that you would make a Cotton Candy (with a bitter finish)! My current favorite is Essie "Castaway" - pink. I want Chanel's Black Satin and Pink Satin nail polishes!

madame x said...

Black Satin and Pink Satin all in the same manicure? very harlequin ish..esque..y....

Your new haircut, BTW,,, 'A'++

all shiny and sleek